Mailing address:

205 - 1330 Graveley St.
Vancouver, BC V5L 3A2

Club officers:

Email Links Name
President Chantal Ethier*
Vice President Susan Jensen*
Secretary Liz Tius*
Treasurer Nick Heath* / Mary Yee
Membership Sue Johnson / Talwinder Singh
Training Chantal Ethier*
Trips Bruce Pickwell / Mike McHolm
Safety Scott Tebbutt
Programs Karin Hartner* / Julie Webb
Librarian Jacquie Gaudet / Lorraine Sharpsteen
Social Committee Andrea Kovits / Simone Avram / Jayne Hardy / Alice Wong / Nicola Kuchta
Marine Trails, Parks and Conservation Yekaterina Yushmanova
Howe Sound Steward Steve Best
Communications Kirsten Hathaway
Outreach and Promotions Calvin Sam
Website Susan Jensen
Member at Large Jill Thompson
Past President Randy Chatterjee

* Indicates Director
To join the club executive or help as an assistant to any of the above,  email us!