Conservation Goals of SKABC

SKABC promotes the conservation of our coastal resources. Our conservation goals are to:

  • Promote sound ecological practices by our members and awareness of the impact of our activities on our surroundings.
  • Provide information to members to enhance their appreciation of the marine environment.
  • Provide input to governments when they formulate environmental, legal or other policies that affect access to or the ecological sustainability of the marine environment.
  • Advocate for the protection of existing marine protected areas and for the creation of additional protected areas to ensure the sustainability of BC's unique marine ecosystems.

We provide information and promote ecological practices through our News posts, forum and teaching best practices for low impact camping and wild life viewing.

BC Marine Trails Network Organization


SKABC was a founding member of BC Marine Trails Network Association, an organization dedicated to the creation of a marine network of access points and campsites along the coastline of British Columbia.

Over the years, SKABC has supported the BC Marine Trails Network Association with financial donations and many volunteer hours.

Visit BC Marine Trails Network Association to learn more and how you can get involved, and check our News page for updates. Their map of access points and campsites is a great resource when planning your next kayak trip.